Yes. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information entered in your Expression of Interest (EOI) is up to date, accurate and the documents required to demonstrate your eligibility have not expired.

If you have submitted an EOI indicating your interest in South Australian nomination you must ensure that you, or your migration agent can access your EOI.  You must also ensure that your EOI has enough validity to be active throughout the course of the invitation process. Once invited, you must use the same EOI to apply for state nomination. If your EOI has expired, we will not accept another EOI. Your new EOI may however be invited in the future. 

If you are invited to apply for nomination and find you have technical difficulties accessing your EOI or your documents have expired, we may advise you not to apply and/or refuse your application. 

Yes. If you are invited to apply for nomination, you will be assessed against the information that was entered in your EOI at the time that we invited you to apply for nomination.   

If you are not able to demonstrate that you were eligible for nomination based on the information entered in your EOI at the time of invitation, your application will be refused.

We are not able to indicate or answer questions on the likelihood that you will be invited to apply for nomination as the pool of candidates is dynamic and constantly changing.

If you are selected to apply for nomination, we will send an invitation to the email address you have entered in your EOI. This means that if your migration agent’s email is entered in your EOI you will need to ensure that you and your migration agent communicate regarding any potential invitation.

No. As outlined above, we send invitations to apply for nomination via email.   

This will not be reflected in your ImmiAccount which is managed by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

There are no set dates for South Australian ‘offshore invitation rounds’. These may occur on an ad hoc basis as we assess the take up of invitations and nominations against the places available in our program throughout the program year. 

If you are not selected to apply for nomination, we will not contact you.   

Your EOI will continue to be considered for selection in future rounds, as long as you indicate South Australia as your State of Interest.

To help ensure our selection of candidates to apply for state nomination is not impacted by false and/or duplicate EOIs in SkillSelect, we carefully look at SkillSelect data before sending invitations.  

While we understand there may be circumstances where you may need to submit more than one EOI, candidates who are found to be submitting numerous EOIs may not be selected for South Australian nomination. This impacts on our ability to provide a fair process to select and invite top ranking candidates who wish to migrate to South Australia.

If you live outside Australia, you are not required to submit a Registration of Interest to be invited to apply for nomination. South Australia directly invites top ranking candidates who have submitted an Expression of Interest in SkillSelect to apply for nomination.

Highly skilled workers with experience working in the Defence sector, or niche and highly specialised Digital Hi-Tech skills, you may be eligible to Register their Interest under the Highly Skilled and Talented nomination category.

I have been invited to apply

If you are invited to apply for nomination, you will have 14 days to submit your application. You will need to review the occupation list to decide which visa subclass you can apply for. Detailed instructions on applying for nomination will be provided in your invitation email.

Your invitation will expire 14 days after you received an invitation email from us.  Invitations are issued throughout the year. We encourage you to have your supporting documents ready, so that you are ready to submit a state nomination application, should you be selected and receive an invitation from us.

Please note you must submit all the supporting documents specified in Document Checklist at time of application submission. Additional documents will not be accepted unless Skilled & Business Migration sends a request during the assessment. Any incomplete applications with missing documents will result in a refusal outcome.

Skilled & Business Migration monitors SkillSelect and sends invitations throughout the year. If you do not accept your invitation, you may be considered for selection to apply for South Australian nomination, at a later stage during the year.

Please send an online enquiry to Skilled & Business Migration to advise your situation and your ROI application reference number. We will withdraw your ROI application so that you can apply for state nomination under the Offshore stream.

SkillSelect is a database managed by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.   

Contact their SkillSelect technical problems support team for assistance with this issue. If you cannot resolve your issue, you might want to create a new Expression of Interest. You may be selected and receive an invitation from Skilled & Business Migration in the future if your nominated occupation has places available in our offshore program.