There are various state nominated visa options available for migrants wanting to establish a business or invest in South Australia.

The visa categories also offer different streams depending on whether you already own a business, want to start a business in South Australia or if you want to invest in the state.

Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa
Subclass 188 – closed to new applicants

This visa has been closed to new applicants. As is the case with all states and territories, the Commonwealth Government has not provided South Australia with any nomination places for the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) in 2023-24.

This visa is for business owners, investors and entrepreneurs who are establishing a business, or investing, in South Australia. 

This visa has four streams: 

  1. Business Innovation stream 
  2. Investor stream 
  3. Significant Investor stream  
  4. Entrepreneur stream 

While the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) is closed to new applicants, business or investor migrants who already hold the Business Innovation or Significant Investor stream visa can continue to apply for state nomination for the Business Innovation Extension stream or Significant Investor Extension stream where required.

Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa
Subclass 888

This is a state-nominated visa for business and investor migrants who hold a four-year provisional subclass 188 visa and are seeking permanent residency.

This visa is for business owners and investors who already hold a four-year provisional 188 visa aligned to the visa stream you originally applied for: 

  1. Business Innovation stream: Business owners who want to relocate their overseas business or establish a new business in South Australia.
  2. Investor stream: Successful investors or business owners willing to invest a minimum AUD $1,500,000 in South Australia for four years. 
  3. Significant Investor stream: People willing to benefit South Australia and invest $5 million into a complying investment for four years. 
  4. Entrepreneur stream: Have continued to operate your business in South Australia and meet the obligations to maintain your nomination status.
Business Talent (Permanent) Visa
Subclass 132 - closed to new applicants

The Commonwealth Government closed this visa to new applicants from 1 July 2021. 

This is a state-nominated permanent residence visa for business owners and entrepreneurs with a proven successful business history and who committed to undertaking business in Australia.

This visa is for business owners and entrepreneurs and has two streams:

  1. Significant Business History: High level business owners who undertake significant business activity providing either, employment, exports or high level investment. The 132 Significant Business History visa has a Department of Home Affairs review after two years.

  1. Venture Capital Entrepreneurs: People who obtained at least AUD$1 million in agreed funding from an Australian venture capital firm, which is also an AVCAL member, to develop an innovation to a commercial stage.

Significant Business History Stream Review
Subclass 132

If you hold a Business Talent visa (subclass 132) – Significant Business History stream, you are subject to monitoring by the Department of Home Affairs. Two years after your visa was granted, the Department of Home Affairs will request information and supporting documentation regarding your business interests in Australia. This includes feedback from the State or Territory that nominated you to apply for your visa.

To obtain endorsement from South Australia, you must ensure you meet and fulfil the nomination requirements you committed to achieving, within two years of your subclass 132 visa being granted.

Investor Retirement Renewal visa
Subclass 405

This is a four-year temporary visa for people wishing to retire in South Australia.

To be eligible to apply for the Investor Retirement Renewal visa (subclass 405), applicants must already hold a valid Investor Retirement visa (Subclass 405) as nominated by the South Australian Government. This visa is not available for new applicants.

Which visa should I apply for?

If you are having difficulty navigating the state nomination and visa application process, you may wish to engage the services of a registered migration agent or legal practitioner who can help you understand all requirements and options available to you.

To learn more about the purpose, support and responsibilities of a registered migration agent or legal practitioner, visit the Immigration Assistance page.