South Australia is perfectly positioned to support the establishment and growth of new ideas, entrepreneurship and business in Australia.

Our globally-connected business networks are secured by a continued focus on skills development, research and innovation, helping progress South Australia’s position as industry leaders worldwide.

We have strong and deepening ties to the fast growing Chinese and Indian economies encapsulated in a formal Engagement Strategy with each nation, as well as a South East Asia Engagement Strategy in the final stages of development.

Why do business in South Australia?
With a strong manufacturing base, and leading the way forward across a range of existing and emerging sectors, South Australia is an exciting proposition to invest in. We nurture a stable, innovative and industrious business climate with strong connections to national and global markets. South Australia is your gateway to Australia and the rest of the world.

South Australia offers:

  • A competitive business environment 
  • A way of doing business that supports profitable investments
  • A highly skilled workforce
  • Cutting edge research and development facilities and networks
  • Competitive labour costs
  • Strong collaboration between government, industry and academia.

We have built the precincts and infrastructure that future-focused companies need across defence, health, advanced manufacturing, computing and innovation, including:

  • 10 gigabit internet
  • Adelaide BioMed City
  • Defence super cluster
  • Lot Fourteen
  • Tonsley Innovation District.