Skilled & Business Migration provides business migrants with access to a range of services to support them upon their arrival in South Australia.

Skilled & Business Migration provides free support services to business migrants including one-on-one meetings in Adelaide with the business migration team to help with your successful settlement.

Registering your arrival enables Skilled & Business Migration to keep you updated on information, business opportunities and relevant news and services available to you to assist with your settlement journey and can help with connections to professional services, networking & promotional events, programs and tailored assistance to business migrants. 


  1. You must register your arrival date online within two months of your arrival to South Australia. 
  2. Only primary applicants nominated by the South Australian Government are required to register their arrival. 
  3. If you have arrived to validate your visa you are still required to register your arrival.

Before you register

  • Ensure you have received a visa grant notice from the Australian Government
  • Ensure you have a current and valid email address, this will be an important communication method with Skilled & Business Migration.

How to register

  • Create or validate your Skilled & Business Migration Portal account. You may already have set up this account, however if you used a registered migration agent or legal practitioner to complete the nomination on your behalf, we will have created one for you when your visa was granted. You would have received instructions on how to access the account in the email confirming your visa grant. 
  • Navigate to the ‘Actions’ section of your client homepage
  • Select the ‘Update’ button next to the ‘Register My Arrival' action
  • Enter your arrival date and select ‘Update’.

Your responsibilities

  • Your registration will enable you to meet your nomination requirements to the South Australian Government and access available support services.
  • You are encouraged to read the privacy policy and disclaimer statement on this website.

Skilled & Business Migration offers one-hour appointments for business migrants to communicate directly with our Business team. This service helps business migrants with relevant information and useful business contacts that may help the success of your business. It also provides information and clarification on your obligations in meeting your state nomination requirements.

The meetings are a free person-to-person service provided by Skilled & Business Migration for:  

  • Business migrants during their time as provisional visa holders and for 132 visa holders until their 2 year review
  • Potential business migrants visiting South Australia

They are designed to answer any questions relating to nomination requirements and settlement in South Australia and are conducted in English.


  • All 132 business visa holders must meet with our Skilled & Business Migration team within one month of your arrival to South Australia. 
  • If you are a 188A visa subclass holder, this visa requires you to conduct business in South Australia. We require you to attend a business migrant appointment before starting a business. 
  • 132 visa holders must book an appointment to meet with Skilled & Business Migration every six months throughout the 2-year review period.

Before you request a meeting

  • Ensure you have created an account on the Skilled & Business Migration Portal.
  • If you have been granted a visa then register your arrival on the Skilled & Business Migration portal.

To request a meeting

  • Login to your account on the Skilled & Business Migration portal
  • Select ‘Request a Meeting’ link located at the top of the client homepage 
  • Enter up to three meeting dates that suit your availability
  • Submit your request
  • You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your request. The Business team will then contact you via email to confirm the exact appointment date and time.

Your responsibilities

  • Registration on the Skilled & Business Migration Portal will enable you to access professional services provided for free to help with your settlement
  • Complete the business updates (where applicable) sent out by Skilled & Business Migration before your meeting so that we can have up to date information to serve you better
  • Read the privacy policy and disclaimer statement on this website
  • We encourage you to use a National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) accredited interpreter to ensure a professional standard of communication. Skilled & Business Migration may limit advice given at meetings if we have concerns about the quality of understanding between ourselves and our clients. Interpretive services are at your own cost. If required, you will need to organise interpretive services for appointments
  • To book an interpreter please contact: 

Interpreting and Translating Centre:


Telephone: 1800 280 203 



Skilled & Business Migration will continue to be a point of contact for you within the South Australian Government. This contact will be facilitated through the open invitation to attend one-to-one meetings with the Business Migration Team and to complete six monthly updates if you are a 132 significant business history stream visa holder.


Provide business updates every six months by attending business update meetings if you are a South Australian nominated 132 significant business history stream visa holder.

Before your update

Have available the information you need to update. Information may be asked to provide including but not limited to:

  • ABN (Australian Business Number)
  • Business name and trading name
  • Industry sector you undertake business in
  • Business address
  • Business contact details
  • The benefit to state requirement you are fulfilling (exports, employment, financial investment or other)
  • Details on the business activities being undertaken
    • Exporting - Products and services, supplier, value and export destination.
    • Employment - Staff numbers, title, salary and full-time or part-time, casual engagement details.
  • Investment
    • Financial - Type and value of investment.
    • Property development - Type, location, land size, number of dwellings and construction dates.

How to book a business update meeting

  • Login to your account on the Skilled & Business Migration Portal
  • Select ‘Request a Meeting’ link located at the top of the client homepage 
  • Select an available date for your meeting
  • Select an available time 
  • Submit your request
  • You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your request. The Business team will then contact you via email to confirm the exact appointment date and time.

Your responsibilities

As part of your obligation to South Australia, you are required to complete regular business updates so that we can understand the progress your business has made and better assist you towards success.

The South Australian Government has developed a guide for doing business in South Australia to help you understand some of the main requirements and relevant points for starting and operating a business in South Australia, including if you are looking to buy all or part of an existing business.

South Australian Exporters

Skilled & Business Migration together with the Australian China Business Council (ACBC), has created a dedicated business migration export section on the dual language web portal - SA China Connect - where South Australian businesses can promote their locally made products to business migrants, and business migration clients can source local South Australian suppliers looking to trade with China. 

A Guide To Start a business in South Australia
Business exporting
Business Migration Property Development