South Australia offers job opportunities in the private and public sectors at all levels of expertise and across a range of industries.

For more information on how to find work in South Australia, please see the Finding Work.

South Australia has experienced more than two decades of uninterrupted economic growth and $100 billion of major developments are underway in a range of sectors across the state. Building on this history, South Australia offers skilled and business migrants with every opportunity to further themselves or their business.

Skills in Demand Demand exists in South Australia for skilled workers to fill emerging vacancies in diverse industry sectors within the state’s growing economy. South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List provides a list of occupations where skills shortages have been identified. For skilled migrants and international graduates, if your occupation is on this list, you can apply for state nomination to help further the success of your visa application. More details on state nomination options and opportunities can be found in the Skilled Migrants section of this site.

Overall, Skilled & Business Migration Programs aim to further our state’s resilience and grow the economy.

Finding Work South Australia offers job opportunities in the private and public sectors at all levels of expertise and across a range of industries.  

Moving your business to South Australia South Australia is a model for successfully transitioning away from automotive manufacturing towards services, innovation and knowledge intensive industries. 

We’ve built the precincts and infrastructure that future-focused companies need across, health, advanced manufacturing, computing and innovation:

  • Lot Fourteen 
  • Adelaide BioMed City 
  • Tonsley Innovation District 
  • GigCity fibre networks.

South Australia is an exciting proposition as a place to do business. We nurture a stable, innovative and industrious business climate with strong connections to national and global markets. South Australia is your gateway to Australia and the rest of the world.

For more information on business opportunities in South Australia, see Business Investment.

Working in South Australia All workers in Australia have the same work rights and protections at work, regardless of citizenship or visa status. The Government of South Australia will not tolerate exploitation of migrant workers in any form.

Your employer must comply with Australian workplace and immigration laws, including their obligation to:

  1. Pay you the right pay rate for all time worked
  2. Provide a safe workplace.

These rights can't be taken away by contracts or agreements. Pay rates and workplace conditions are set by Australian law.

Please find additional information regarding your workplace rights and obligations by visiting: