There is a range of resources and services to support the successful settlement of migrants in South Australia.

If you are a recent state nominated migrant, it is condition of your visa nomination that you register your arrival, and complete five short surveys during your first two years in South Australia.

Registering your arrival also enables Skilled & Business Migration to keep you up-to-date on relevant information, job opportunities, news and services available to you.

For more information, visit the Support & Resources page.

Skilled & Business Migration have collated a list of organisations that may be able to assist you on your arrival in South Australia, however we encourage you to continue your own research and find the best services to suit your needs.

Settlement Support Services

If you are having difficulty navigating the state nomination and visa application process, you can engage the services of a migration agent or lawyer who can help you understand all requirements and options available to you. Find out more about accessing Immigration Assistance.