There are a range of resources and services to support the successful settlement of business migrants in South Australia.

Registering your arrival enables Skilled & Business Migration to keep you up-to-date on relevant information, business and investment opportunities, news and services available to you.


  1. You must register your arrival date online within two months of your arrival to South Australia. 
  2. Only primary applicants nominated by the South Australian Government are required to register their arrival. 
  3. If you have arrived to validate your visa you are still required to register your arrival.

Before you register

  • Ensure you have received a visa grant notice from the Australian Government
  • Ensure you have a current and valid email address. This will be an important communication method with Skilled & Business Migration.

How to register

  • Create or validate your Skilled & Business Migration portal account. You may already have set up this account, however if you used a migration agent to complete the nomination on your behalf, we will have created one for you when your visa was granted. You would have received instructions on how to access the account in the email confirming your visa grant. 
  • Navigate to the ‘Actions’ section of your client homepage
  • Select the ‘Update’ button next to the ‘Register My Arrival' action
  • Enter your arrival date and select ‘Update’.

Your responsibilities

  • Your registration will enable you to meet your nomination requirements to the South Australian Government and access available support services.
  • You are encouraged to read the privacy policy and disclaimer statement on this website.

Skilled & Business Migration have collated a list of organisations that may be able to assist you on your arrival in South Australia, however we encourage you to continue your own research and find the best services to suit your needs. 

Settlement Support Services

The South Australian Government has developed a guide for doing business in South Australia to help you understand some of the main requirements and relevant points for starting and operating a business in South Australia, including if you are looking to buy all or part of an existing business.

Skilled & Business Migration has developed an information pack to assist your relocation to South Australia. You can download it in the list of resources.

Skilled & Business Migration will invite you to participate in business networking and other events and respond to business updates. Therefore, please maintain current email contact details with us.

Event invitations will be issued through the Skilled & Business Migration portal, and we encourage you to manage your registration(s) to such events in accordance with the instructions contained on the website.


Inform Skilled & Business Migration if personal, residential or business circumstances change.

Before your update

Ensure you have available the information that you need to update.

How to provide an update

  • Login to your account on the Skilled & Business Migration portal 
  • Select the ‘My Profile’ button at the top of your client homepage
  • Provide your updated details.

Your responsibilities

As part of your obligation to South Australia, you are required to ensure you keep us informed of any changes to your personal details so that we can keep you informed of any information that may relate to your visa.

If you are having difficulty navigating the state nomination and visa application process, you can engage the services of a migration agent or lawyer who can help you understand all requirements and options available to you. Find out more about accessing Immigration Assistance.


Skilled & Business Migration have collated a range of useful resources to support you in preparing your State nomination application and arrival in South Australia.

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