It is important that you have reviewed all requirements and prepared all supporting documentation prior to lodging a state nomination application.

Before you start your application on the Skilled & Business Migration portal, please ensure you have considered the following:

1. Have you reviewed and addressed all nomination requirements specific to your visa? Requirements for business and investment visas available for state nomination in South Australia can vary. We suggest you review all nomination requirements associated with the visa you want to apply for.

2. Have you prepared all the required documentation for your chosen visa? The state nomination process also requires that you prepare a range of documentation to support your application and prove your claims. Documentation requirements vary depending on the visa and stream you are applying for.   

3. How to apply for state nomination Once you have prepared all your required documentation, you can lodge your application through the Skilled & Business Migration portal.

Need help? Talk to a migration agent or lawyer

If you are having difficulty navigating the state nomination and visa application process, you can engage the services of a registered migration agent or lawyer who can help you understand all requirements and options available to you. To learn more, visit our Immigration Assistance page. 

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