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Digital Marketing Specialist
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"South Australia is amazing! It is the hidden jewel in this country. It has the most beautiful coast, the perfect weather, and a city big enough to feel like you’re not in a rural area."

After studying in Sydney, Brazilian international student Samadhi Thomaz decided to stay on in Australia, choosing South Australia for its exceptional career opportunities and relaxed city-living lifestyle. Now a citizen, she’s never looked back.

Samadhi completed her studies in marketing and communications at the University of Sydney before applying to settle in South Australia as a skilled migrant. She was particularly drawn to SA as she could live in the city and make the most of the abundant, bustling culture.

Samadhi says the support from Immigration SA has been second to none, offering everything from visa processing guidance to job-searching assistance. While Samadhi’s university studies, knowledge and experience in her chosen profession meant she required little assistance, she believes the programs on offer are an exceptional example of the support available for migrants.

The programs at least helped me validate I was on the right track. I know a lot of immigrants that those programs really help.

Garnering a job after just six months living in Adelaide, Samadhi is now happily working in digital marketing. But it is not just her career that she loves about Adelaide – the lifestyle a breath of fresh air compared to what she was used to.

I came from the fourth biggest city in the world, and one of the biggest countries in the world, where opportunities are small, traffic is insane, pollution is high, it’s extremely expensive and security is quite non-existent. SA is exactly the opposite! Safe, clean, cheap, and great quality of life. I live by a beautiful clean beach and am still only 30 minutes from work in the city. It is perfect!

Samadhi says not only has her migration process been simple and supportive and her transition a breeze, but she’s fallen even more in love with South Australia since living here.

It is always sunny and beautiful. It still has a majority of Australians living here, so you’re able to immerse in the Aussie culture. There’s no traffic, the best wineries... I can go on and on.

For anyone considering the move, she could not recommend it higher.

This is the best state in Australia, especially if you have a family and kids! South Australia is the reason I was able to stay in this amazing country and get a permanent visa, and later on, my citizenship. I will be forever grateful for that!