Business Migrants


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"Adelaide has everything Sydney or Melbourne can offer but without the hassle. We live on a beautiful 40-acre property just 10 minutes from Mount Barker and everything is easily accessible."

UK cabinet makers Richard and Elizabeth immigrated from the UK on the Business Owners 163 Visa and have discovered the pleasures of life and business in South Australia

"Our English-style kitchen business started with just the two of us. Now, we have seven employees and four to five subcontractors. We've also established an advertising, design and multimedia agency in Adelaide."

Richard and Elizabeth migrated to Mount Barker three years ago and have never looked back.  They've been able to tap into a market-need here, and enjoy the climate and the relaxed lifestyle at the same time.  The couple's daughter and son-in-law have also joined them and are involved in the family businesses.

Richard says his initial goal was to improve the quality of his lifestyle by adopting the Australian philosophy of 'work eight hours, play eight hours, sleep eight hours'.

Liz can realise her dream of providing weekend breaks for artists to enjoy gourmet food and wine, while painting the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

Having arrived from the UK, Richard says the most obvious difference was the weather but there were also big differences in the attitudes of the people.

There's a 'can-do' approach to solving problems and seizing opportunities. Just to get a smile from everyone you meet - even checkout staff at the supermarket - is a revelation.

In South Australia we feel we've arrived at home.