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Environmental Scientist
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"We chose South Australia because we wanted an environment that our children would enjoy and one we would enjoy bringing them up in."

Alex Mutiso, his wife and young children migrated to South Australia from Kenya in 2017. While moving to a new country is a daunting task for many, Alex knew that Adelaide would offer his children the lifestyle and opportunities he was searching for.  

Adelaide is always featured in the world’s top ten best cities to live in so obviously it had to be good for something!

When Alex arrived in South Australia he attended Immigration SA's 'Welcome to South Australia' information session and registered for separate workshops to assist with his job search. These free services are offered to all state nominated skilled migrants. 

The workshops proved invaluable simply because you realise you are not alone in this journey. They were a great way to network and exchange ideas, provide solutions and share personal experiences. 

Alex was looking for a career in the mining and energy field and through persistence, networking and literally knocking on doors he secured a job as a Senior Environmental Scientist for Leigh Creek Energy.

Adelaide is a great place to bring up children. Moving around is easy and the traffic is a breeze, especially coming from Nairobi. I can honestly say we have never had a boring weekend simply because there is always something to do and with three young children you need something to do!

When asked what advice he would give anyone considering migrating to South Australia, Alex was very honest and heartfelt in his response:

It is not an easy decision but your reason to migrate must be compelling enough for you to make the move. Yes you will be anxious about job prospects and adjusting but it is part of the journey. During that time immerse yourself in the culture and embrace this great State. And remember you moved here because you wanted a better life (and all that it has to offer) for you and your family. Do not get into the trap of saying ‘I had this back home but I don’t have it here!'. There is really nothing to compare.