If you are a recent State nominated migrant it is condition of your visa nomination that you register your arrival and complete five short updates during your first two years in South Australia.

Register my arrival

Thank you for choosing South Australia. If you have just arrived in South Australia you must register your arrival to South Australia to validate your obligation and commitment to South Australia.

Registering your arrival also enables Immigration SA to keep you up to date on information, job opportunities and relevant news and services available to you to assist you in your settlement journey and connects you to professional supports, services, events, programs and tailored assistance offered by Immigration SA to newly arrived skilled migrants.


  1. You must register your arrival to South Australia on the Immigration SA Apply website
  2. Only primary applicants nominated by the South Australian Government are required to register their arrival. 
  3. If you are already onshore, enter your State nominated visa grant date as your arrival date.
  • Note: You are only required to register your arrival when you permanently settle in South Australia

Before you register

  • Ensure you have received a visa grant notice 
  • Ensure you have a current and valid email


How to register

  • Log onto the Immigration SA Apply website (if nomination by a migration agent you won’t yet be registered and will need to set up your password)
  • Click on Register My Arrival
  • Update your details


Your responsibilities

  • Your registration will enable you and your partner (if a secondary applicant on your visa) to access professional services provided for free to help with your settlement. 
  • You will have access to on arrival support provided by our partners 
  • You should also read the privacy policy and disclaimer statement on this website.
  • We suggest you follow our Facebook page.



A key measure and indicator of the success of state nomination program is the information collated through regular updates. The updates provide the South Australian Government with information about your achievements. Monitoring your success enables the South Australia government to better understand the client settlement experience and enables the government to address emerging challenges and celebrate success.

The State Government monitors skilled migrant outcomes and uses this information to report to the Australian government on settlement achievements for the first two years. Your participation in these updates is recorded towards meeting your obligation to the South Australian who has nominated you to live and work in South Australia for a two-year period.


  • Register your arrival in South Australia
  • Provide your address both before and after you arrive in Australia
  • Complete surveys providing updates on your contact details and employment outcomes
  • Undertake the survey for the first two years from arrival or from when your state nominated visa is granted at 3, 6, 12, 18 months and 2 year intervals

Before you participate

  • If you are already in Australia and have transitioned from a visa to a state nominated visa, register your arrival date as the state nominated visa grant date
  • Ensure you email is current

How to undertake the survey

  • You will be notified by email when your update is due
  • Log onto the Immigration SA Apply website, your update will be listed under 'Actions' on your client page
  • Once completed submit your update

Your responsibilities

  • You are required to undertake the survey regardless of where you are currently residing.
  • Ensure you read the privacy policy and disclaimer statement on this website.

Commitment to South Australia

The South Australian government does not issue obligation or commitment exemptions or waivers. We do recognise that from time to time circumstances arise whereby meeting your obligation and commitment to the South Australian government may be challenged. If you have encountered circumstances which are challenging your commitment, please communicate with us by submitting an enquiry detailing your situation. 

Request requirements

  • Visa grant notice
  • Must have registered your arrival 
  • Request to be submitted by the primary applicant only – no third-party requests allowed

Before you apply

  • Update your current details and valid email
  • Register arrival if not registered

How to apply

  • Log onto Immigration SA Apply website
  • Detail your circumstances by submitting a brief overview of your situation. 
  • Provide any supporting documents

Your responsibilities

You are reminded that the South Australian Government has nominated you on the basis that you fulfil your commitment to South Australia. Your commitment requires you to: 

  • Live and work in South Australia for two years 
  • Register your arrival  
  • Complete regular skilled migrant updates at 3, 6, 12,18 and 24 months
  • Ensure your Immigration SA apply account is active and you provide up to date contact details via the Immigration SA Apply site. ​