State Nominated Occupation Lists


State Nomination eligibility

To be eligible for South Australian Government state nomination applicants must have been assessed by the relevant assessing authority, have met all the threshold requirements for nomination, including the minimum English Language requirements detailed by the assessing authority and any other additional requirements as detailed by Immigration SA.

English Requirement

Some assessing authorities may have a specific English score that applicants must meet in order to obtain a positive skills assessment. See the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) website for information on Australian Skills Recognition Information (ASRI).

Some occupations have additional English requirement that you must meet in addition to all other nomination requirements. If there is no special requirement listed you are required to meet the threshold requirement of 6.0 in each band for nomination.

To view the Immigration SA English requirement visit point 9. English language in Eligibility requirements

Skills Assessment

Australian Skills Recognition Information (ASRI) will help you to find information on how to obtain an assessment of your qualifications, skills or experience gained overseas. You can also find state specific licensing and registration requirements for your occupation in South Australia through SMS (Specialist Migrant Services).


If your skills assessment has an ASCO code, please visit the DIBP website for DIBP's endorsed ANZSCO / ASCO correlations for General Skilled Migration.

Additional requirements

Some occupations have additional requirements that you must meet in addition to all other nomination requirements. If there is no additional requirement listed you are required to meet the threshold requirements for nomination.

Special Conditions Apply

When an occupation is listed as "Special Conditions Apply", please see the "Special Conditions Apply" section under eligibility requirements.

Planning Levels

Planning levels (limits) exist for each occupation listed. When this planning level is reached, this occupation will no longer be available for nomination, unless applicants meet the "Special Conditions" (see above). Nomination availability applies at time of decision and applications that have been submitted will not proceed.

State Nominated Occupation Lists

The contents of these list are accurate at the time that it is viewed. The list is "live" and will change as decisions on state nomination applications are made.

* The use of the South Australian Graduate List is at Immigration SA's discretion and South Australian Graduate List nomination may cease at any time without notification.