The documentation required for your state nomination application will depend on your situation and the visa you are applying for. Please reference this checklist to determine what documents are required for your application.

This document checklist is relevant to Skilled Migrants and International Graduates of South Australia who are seeking state nomination for the following visas:

This list provides full details of the documentation required. Please use this checklist in conjunction with the nomination requirements to determine what documents are required for your specific application.

Important Information 

  • Please read the nomination requirements aligned to your chosen visa, and the application terms and conditions before submitting a state nomination application 
  • Documents in this checklist must be provided, if required, with your application submission. Any documentation provided after submission (unless requested by Skilled & Business Migration) will not be accepted
  • Only upload one copy of each document in an acceptable document format and size
  • If you do not include a mandatory document(s), your application could be refused without any clarification being sought
  • Your uploaded documents must be colour scanned copies of the original documents and the Government of South Australia reserves the right to request hard copies of original documents at any time
  • All documents must be in English or translated into English by a qualified translator
  • You should only upload documents required for your application. Non-essential documents may delay processing. 

A copy of the biographical details page of your current valid passport. This page must include photograph, name, date of birth and passport number. 

This document is also required for your partner, if you are including them in your application.

You will require a positive and valid skills assessment, assessed by the relevant skills assessing authority for your nominated occupation. All pages of the skills assessment must be uploaded.

NOTE: For Medical PractitionersGeneral Practitioners and Resident Medical Officers, evidence of current full registration from AHPRA is accepted in lieu of a skills assessment.

You will require a copy of your English language test certificate from one of the following providers:

English language test results must be less than three years old at the time of nomination application decision.

Citizens and passport holders of the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand do not need to provide an English language test result, unless you are claiming English points on your EOI. 

*CAE, OET and PTE Academic test takers: You must give permission for Skilled & Business Migration to view your English test results online. If access has not been provided, your application will be refused. If you are claiming Partner Points in your SkillSelect Expression of Interest (EOI), your partner must also give permission to view their English test results.

To prove qualifications you will need a graduation certificate and/or academic transcript for:

  • any qualification relevant to your nominated occupation and;
  • any qualification(s) you are claiming points for in your EOI.

In addition to the above, for any qualification(s) completed in Australia:

  • An academic transcript or a letter from your Education Provider confirming course completion, duration of the course and campus.
  • If the applicant is claiming Specialist education qualification points, upload the copy of the academic transcript and/or graduation certificate for the Masters by Research or PhD from an Australian education provider.

Qualifications achieved in-part, of solely through Recognition of Prior Learning are generally not accepted. If a qualification with RPL is used in support of an application, it will be considered on a case by case basis and there is no guarantee of a positive nomination outcome.

To contact us, please lodge an enquiry through the Skilled and Business Migration portal.

Long term residents of South Australia applying as the partner of a SA graduate: you must upload an academic transcript for your partner's qualification in South Australia.

You will require the following documentation for proof of work experience.

Letters from Employers

Letters from your employer(s) will need to cover:

  • the work experience period required for your nominated occupation and;
  • any work experience you are claiming points for in your SkillSelect Expression of Interest (EOI) and;
  • any Australian work experience 

Onshore and Offshore Work Experience

You will require letter(s) from current and previous employer(s)* confirming the following:

  • job title
  • duties and tasks
  • salary, number of hours worked per week
  • employment duration
  • letter(s) must be on approved company letterhead and dated and signed by the relevant manager or the human resources section. 
  • the letter(s) must detail the name, position, email address and contact number of the relevant manager or the human resources section.

If your letter does not contain this information listed above your work experience claims will not be assessed leading to refusal decision.

*If your Australian employer is sub-contracting you to another business in South Australia (SA), you will also need to provide a letter from the contracting business (where you are physically located in SA) which includes all of the information above. 

The work experience documents listed below are required for your South Australian work experience.

  • Payslips
    • Upload the last three months of payslips for your current South Australian work experience (not as individual documents)
    • Upload one document per employer
    • Upload all payslips in date order
    • If working for two or more employers simultaneously, fill in the work experience proforma (excel document must be saved and submitted to us in PDF format).  
  • PAYG Payment Summary or Income Statement from myGov (if available)  
  • Notification of Assessment issued by the Australian Taxation Office (if available)
  • If you are a 457, 482 or 494 visa holder with more than 12 months remaining on your visa: 
    • Provide a letter from your current employer consenting to your state nomination application.
  • If you are self-employed (self-employed applicants must apply through the Talent and Innovators program): 
    • Invoices (showing debtor, hours worked and rate of pay) in date order for the work experience period required for your occupation. 
    • A copy of your annual tax return 
    • A Notice of Assessment (if available) issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for each year of self-employment.
    • Bank statements for the business in date order for the work experience period required for your occupation.

You will need to provide:

  • Bank statements in your name showing salary transactions and daily expenses for the work experience period required for your nominated occupation

  • One of the following in your name:
    • Current Lease agreement(s) with proof of rental payments 
    • Utility bill for the last 6 months (for example, gas, electricity, water or rates bill)
    • Current Vehicle Registration 

Continuous residency in South Australia

You can provide a combination of any of the following documents to demonstrate continuous residency in South Australia over that period:

  • Residing in South Australia documents 
  • Work experience documents 
  • Qualification documents 
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) for courses 
  • Visa grant notices 

If you are seeking to claim additional points, you will require:

  • Community language
    • Upload a copy of the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) accreditation.
  • Professional Year 
    • Upload a copy of the Professional Year completion certificate from an Australian institution.
  • Partner Skills
    • Upload copies of the Skills Assessment and Competent English test for your partner. English test not required if they are from an exempt country.
  • Partner with Competent English
    • Upload a copy of the English test for your partner unless they are from an exempt country.
  • Partner is an Australian Citizen or Australian Permanent Resident
    Upload one of the following: 
    • the personal details page of your partner’s Australian passport
    • their Australian citizenship certificate
    • their Australian visa grant notice. 

Registration of Interest application on the Skilled & Business Migration portal. (A Registration of Interest application must be submitted for all Talent & Innovators streams): 

  • Upload your academic transcript for any qualifications completed in South Australia  

190/491 application (after you’ve been invited to apply through the Registration of Interest application)    

All streams   

  • Upload documents required as per the general checklist above (including evidence of any relevant qualifications and work experience in the education and employment history sections of the online application)  

  • A business case/summary (maximum 2 pages) as detailed on the Talent and Innovators requirements page.

Employment stream    

  • Role statement for the position in South Australia  

  • Upload payslips for the last 3 months in South Australia  

  • Employment contract for the position in South Australia for your employer. Employment contract guidelines include:    

    • Preferably written on the employer’s letterhead

    • Accurately detail the parties to the contract (The employer detailed in the application must be the business detailed on the Australian Business Number (ABN) register) 

    • Employee’s full name and address. 

    • Dated and signed by both parties (employer and employee) 

    • Include the position title  

    • Confirm the employment duration  

    • Clearly detail the ordinary hours of work and what additional remuneration applies to any hours worked above reasonable ordinary hours of work. 

    • Detail the base salary. Include the award, classification and relevant pay point it falls under (if applicable). 

    • Please ensure any legislation / awards / authorities you refer to are current & clearly referenced. 

    • If there is an Enterprise Agreement in place, provide the reference number and full title of the agreement as issued by the Fair Work Commission. 

    • Include superannuation entitlements (minimum 9.5% of an employee’s ordinary time earnings). 

    • Include all the minimum workplace entitlements detailed in the National Employment Standards (including leave entitlements and all other minimum entitlements). 

Small Business and Start-up stream 

  • Evidence of the salary you are drawing or are able to draw from the business  

  • Evidence of the business operation in South Australia