As of 14 August 2019 at 11am, Immigration SA is no longer accepting state nomination applications for the 489 visa. State nomination applications for the 190 visa can continue to be submitted. A new Skilled Worker Regional (Provisional 491) visa will be introduced on 16 November 2019 and this will replace the 489 visa.

​Chain migration is a state nomination pathway providing access to a broader list of occupations. This pathway is for skilled workers who meet all skilled nomination requirements and have an immediate family member permanently residing in South Australia. 

  • Chain migration allows you to apply for occupations listed as ‘Special conditions apply’ on the State Occupation List or occupations listed on the Supplementary Skilled List.
  • You are only eligible to apply for state nomination for a 489 provisional visa under this category.
  • Your immediate family member in South Australia must meet all requirements listed below:
  • Your family member residing in South Australia must be your grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother or sister. You can still apply if it’s your step or adoptive parent / sibling.
  • Your family member must be over 18 years of age.
  • Your family member in South Australia must be either an Australian Permanent Resident, an Australian Citizen or a South Australian state nominated provisional visa holder (489).
  • Your family member must be currently residing in South Australia and have resided in South Australia for the last 24 months.
  • Your family member in South Australia is required to complete a statutory declaration to confirm that they meet the all chain migration requirements
  • If you are residing interstate you are not eligible for South Australian State nomination.
  • Quotas apply to nominations under the chain migration category. Once this quota is reached, occupations under this category may be closed or further requirements may apply.  Please check your occupation to see if it is eligible under Chain Migration Category.