Skilled migrants who have made an important contribution to supporting regional South Australian communities and businesses may benefit from certain work experience concessions under this stream. Working holiday maker visa holders may also apply under this pathway.

Eligibility guidelines

The Outer Regional South Australia stream is for skilled migrants working for outer regional South Australian businesses (who do not qualify to apply for state nomination under South Australia’s other nomination streams). To be eligible under the Outer Regional South Australia stream:

You must:

  1. Check if your nominated occupation is eligible under the Outer Regional South Australia stream on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List
  2. Currently live and work in Outer Regional South Australia
  3. Be under 45 years of age at time of state nomination is approved
  4. Have a valid and positive skills assessment for your nominated occupation
  5. Have at least Competent English, unless your nominated occupation requires registration or licensing to practice in South Australia. If your occupation requires registration or licensing in South Australia, you will need to ensure you meet the English requirement set by the registration or licensing authority to work in South Australia. Occupations with registration requirements include trades, education, and health professions. (Note: Passport holders or citizens of the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada or New Zealand do not need to provide an English language test result)
  6. Score at least 65 points in the Department of Home Affairs’ points test (including state nomination points)
  7. Have been working for the past six months in Outer Regional South Australia in any job (does not need to be related to your nominated occupation). During these six months, you must have worked at least 30 hours per week or 60 hours per fortnight. If you are a working holiday maker visa holder, your specified work experience can count towards this work experience requirement
  8. Be working in a high skilled position: Skill Level 1 or 2 and receiving a high salary (at least $65,000) for subclass 190 visa nomination 
  9. Provide a letter of support from your employer outlining why you should be considered for state nomination

Your employer must:

  1. Be a business in Outer Regional South Australia
  2. Be an existing business for at least 12 months, and have a premise located and operating in Outer Regional South Australia for the past 12 months
  3. Be a business of good standing and there must be no adverse information about the business

Further information

To find out if the location of your work experience is defined as Outer Regional, please view the postcodes listed under ‘Regional’ on our Regional South Australia regions definition fact sheet.

For further information on South Australia’s nomination requirements, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions. To contact us, please lodge an enquiry through the Skilled and Business Migration portal.