Skilled migrants

South Australia offers state nominated migration options for suitably qualified skilled workers.


Skilled visa options

Permanent and regional provisional visa options for skilled workers looking to immigrate to South Australia.

Eligibility criteria

Important information about what is needed from you if you apply for South Australian state nomination for immigration.

On arrival services for skilled migrants

What we offer to new arrivals in South Australia to help you settle in to your new life.

Benefits of state nomination

Find out about how state nominated migration works and how it can benefit you if you're considering migrating to Australia as a skilled migrant.


Apply now using our easy online application system.

Skilled migrant stories

Stories from skilled migrants who've come to live and work in South Australia.

State Nominated Occupation List (SNOL)

View the up-to-date list of skilled occupations available for state nominated migration.

Processing times

The processing times for applications vary across Immigration SA programs and depend on the number of applications received.


Answers to frequently asked questions about skilled migration.