Profession to passion.

After considering a number of different countries, Sabika Jasmine and John Syed made the move from India to Adelaide for lifestyle and career opportunities.

Sabika and John were looking for a challenge when they chose to migrate - they wanted to explore a new place, a new way of life, and be open to an array of opportunities that lay before them.

 “We really were looking to explore and discover somewhere new. We didn’t know anyone in South Australia but it seemed to offer a lot,” John says.

After making the decision to move to Adelaide, the couple decided to apply online. “We found the government websites (DIBP and Immigration SA) provided all the information so we could do this ourselves. While there is a lot of information to go through, the actual application process was really quite simple.”

On arrival in South Australia, they took every opportunity to make the most of their move, including support services offered through Immigration SA.

“We attended the Immigration SA information session, which was valuable in tying everything together and provided an opportunity to speak to presenters to get extra information. We have both attended the job ready workshops, which were really good in tailoring our resumes and application letters to meet expectations of the local job market.”

Sabika secured a job with SA Power Networks in her professional field, a position she says is largely thanks to the support from Immigration SA.

“I was able to tailor my application and resume to suit the local market through the assistance of Immigration SA’s specialist migrant services team,” she says. “I had some one-on-one interview preparation and this gave me a boost in my confidence when I attended the interview.”

While John had worked in finance in India, he says the move has led him to look outside the box for his career and consider other exciting opportunities. Since moving, he has completed further training in Adelaide to explore different possibilities.

“I have completed a course through TAFE SA and we are keen to make an appointment to meet with the Business Enterprise team at the City of Adelaide and look at opportunities in starting a business,” he says. “I am more open to opportunities and while my experience and background is in finance I don’t mind trying something new.”

He says embracing new opportunities, life changes, and networking with South Australia’s multicultural community is the most integral part of a successful migration.

“Migration is about mixing cultures. There is no point going somewhere new to stick with the same people and experiences you had back in your home country.”

For those seeking similar opportunities, John and Sabika say it’s important to have an open mind, visit local libraries for advice and information, attend networking groups and seminars, and ask for help.

The pair say it’s important to consider the whole migration experience as an opportunity, and not just about your career. Sabika enjoys singing, while John loves to cook, and both revel in the opportunities available to them in South Australia.

“Don’t focus just on getting a job,” John says. “You need to do and try lots of things and incorporate more things in your life so you can enjoy everything. Don’t just live to work - take up any opportunities that come your way to work out what it is that you like and want to do. Make sure you allow time to do things that make you happy.”


Who: Sabika and John

Visa Category: General Skilled Migration

What do you love about Adelaide? "We love it here! The lifestyle is really good and we enjoy exploring different things each day. The people are very warm, welcoming and helpful. I also really like the public transport and how the city has been laid out. It is a very well planned-out city".

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