Photo of Ray Hood, Master Engraver

Master Hand Engraver from London calls Adelaide home!

Assisting in the upkeep of the British Royal Family’s Crown Jewels helped pave the way for Ray Hood’s move to Adelaide. The hand engraver’s six-year apprenticeship at Mayfair-based Garrard & Co – one of the world’s premier jewellery manufacturers – helped him acquire the skills that ultimately led him to apply for a South Australian skilled migration visa. 

In 2012, Ray and his partner, Carly, made the move to Australia. Within weeks of arriving in Adelaide he had landed a job. After just eight months in that role Ray launched his own business – London Engraver – in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD. 

“The support from the community has been incredible. I have local and interstate clients that contact me to do all sorts of engraving, from jewellery, heraldry and antique restorations to portraits of pets, trophies and wax carving,” he said. 

“I was also given the honour of engraving the Parliament of South Australia’s ceremonial mace as part of its recent restoration.”

Ray is now a permanent resident of South Australia, having found a niche market for his engraving skills. Such is the demand Carly left her full-time job to become the London Engraver’s operations manager. 

Understandably, Carly said the move to South Australia has been nothing but positive. 

“We were literately living in a shoe box, renting a tiny flat in London. When we looked for houses in Adelaide we were shocked by the size of the properties and the spacious backyards we could have for a similar amount of money,” she said.