Safe and Sound in South Australia 

Before making the migration decision, Grant took his family to Adelaide for a visit.

“When we arrived, we were very pleasantly surprised.   We found a mid-sized city that was clean, vibrant, arty, very cultural and much more cosmopolitan and ‘happening’ than we ever imagined.

“Miles of the finest white beaches, hundreds of festivals, rolling hills and vineyards, all make our new home an experience to explore.  We also loved the city and all of its great restaurants.”

Most importantly, Grant’s family realised that Adelaide was a great place to call home.

 “Coming from Johannesburg, South Africa, Adelaide is heaven on earth for my family. Johannesburg is vibrant and has its attractions, but safety is always a concern,” Grant said.

Grant and his wife had great jobs and lived in a very large house in South Africa but from a quality of life perspective, they had concerns.

 “Violent home invasions take place every day in Johannesburg.   Similar to a typical Australian fire-escape plan, we had to have an ‘escape plan’ in the event of a break-in, to give us the best chance of not being physically harmed.  

As migrants, Grant’s family has never been more active socially.

“It was very easy to settle into our new life as Adelaide makes it so easy.”

Australia is a sports-mad country and having a young son who plays Aussie Rules Football and soccer, Grant’s family was immediately involved in helping to organise events. Within a few months of his arrival, Grant found himself umpiring an  Aussie Rules match despite having no previous experience. It’s a good thing Australians are a forgiving bunch! 

“There is always something happening in our local suburb and in Adelaide, in general.  We are involved in a wide variety of activities, hobbies, sports and cultural things that we simply wouldn’t have had the time or the inclination to pursue in Johannesburg,” Grant said.

“We have travelled extensively over Australia and can’t imagine living anywhere else than Adelaide.  Nowhere else even comes close in terms of quality of life.”

Settling in Adelaide with his wife, son and mother in law, Grant enjoys a work-life balance. 

Grant is the member of South African Business Network, a strong business network of South African professionals in Adelaide; a Co-Chair of the Migration and Population committee of the Committee for Adelaide; the Chair (2015) of the Scottish Business Network (South Australia); member of the board of the Grand Lodge of South Australia and Northern Territory. Grant has never been busier and more fulfilled in his professional and social life.  

Grant has also developed an initiative to encourage business migration to Adelaide.  He believes that South Australia has a great economic future and has established a small business, Investment Connect, which supports business migration to South Australia with the help of a migration agent. 

Grant has established a strong network in Adelaide, which he credits to Adelaide’s warmth, hospitality and highly sociable lifestyle.  In 2016, Grant has established his own Public Relations firm in 2016, Grant Law Public Relations, in the heart of the Adelaide CBD.

“I have never been busier and more fulfilled in my professional and social life.”

“In Johannesburg, all I had time for was my job and worrying about the safety of loved ones.  I sat in traffic for at least three hours every day, got home late every night and often had to work after hours.  In Adelaide, I seem to have time for so many other things. ”

In terms of advice to other migrants, Grant has lots to say to newcomers.

“If you are going to emigrate, then emigrate.  Don’t attempt to live in two countries at the same time.  What’s  driving your desire to emigrate is not going to disappear anytime soon, if at all, so you may as well jump in to Australia with both feet. This makes it easier to settle.”

South Australia is well placed to welcome new migrants from South Africa with its low cost of living, commitment to building a resilient, diverse and productive economy based on a highly skilled and innovative workforce across a wide variety of industry sectors.

Immigration SA can nominate eligible candidates for either a provisional or permanent visa to help you start your new life in Australia.

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