Are there any application fees for State nomination?

Immigration SA will charge application fees from the 10th June 2015 for skilled and business nominations. 

What is the application fee?

The State nomination application fee is the amount of money in Australian dollars (AUD) that must be paid at the time of application submission.

If I submit more than one application will I be charged twice?

You will be charged an application fee for each application you submit.

How do I pay the fee?

You will be asked to pay the fee at time of application submission with your credit card.  

What is the application fee amount?


Application Type


Skilled migrants

State nominated skilled – 190 permanent


State nominated skilled – 489 regional provisional


Business migrants

Business 188 provisional


Business permanent 888/892/893


Business 132 permanent


Business retiree 405


SA Employers

Employer Nominated – RCB advice by State Government agency


Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA) Temporary Activity (subclass 408)  $200

DAR DAMA Endorsement Costs
Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) Nil

A credit card and processing surcharge of 0.5% is charged in addition to the fees listed.

Is there an alternative to paying the application fee by credit card?

The only payment method is by credit card.  The only credit cards accepted are VISA and Mastercard.  A surcharge of 0.5% is applied to cover the cost of processing your payment.

Can I request for my application fee to be refunded?

No, processing fees are non-refundable.  The processing fee is the charge applied for Immigration SA to accept your application.

Who do I contact if my fee payment doesn't work?

If you have an issue with your fee payment please contact Immigration SA on 8303 2367 or email

How do I know the fee payment worked and my application was submitted?

You will receive an email confirmation that the application has been submitted.  You can access your invoice/receipt through the email and through the ‘My Application’ page.

How can I check if I accidentally made the fee payment more than once?

Go to the ‘My Application’ page and select the receipt/invoice.  If there is more than one receipt that would indicate multiple payment.  Please contact Immigration SA if this has occurred.

Am I able to provide additional documents for my application after it has been submitted without paying a new fee? 

All required documents must be submitted with an application at the time of lodgement. You cannot submit additional documents.  If you need to submit additional information, you will need to submit a new application and pay a new application fee.

Who else charges nomination application fees?

South Australia is joining the ACT, WA, NSW and Queensland who already charge nomination application fees, with the South Australian fees being at the lower end of those charged by these jurisdictions.