08 Oct 2014 Investment

South Australia State Government Broadened SIV Criteria

The South Australian State Government recently broadened the SIV criteria to make SA a more attractive investment destination.

From 6th October 2014, applicants can Invest a minimum AUD $1,000,000 in South Australian Government Financing Authority (“SAFA”) bonds each year for four years, either by:

(a)        purchasing SAFA retail bonds directly from SAFA;


(b)        investing directly in an ASIC  regulated managed fund which has a mandate for investing its funds solely in SAFA wholesale bonds, or if not solely, the regulated managed fund can demonstrate the minimum AUD $1,000,000 investment in the SAFA wholesale bonds for the required period of four years.

Remaining funds are available for the applicant's own investment choice within DIBP's qualifying investment guidelines.

    Check this visa criteria on the DIBP website