21 Aug 2014 Immigration

Business Migration Engagement

In August, the Immigration SA team actively engaged with South Australian based migration agents, for policy updates and feedback about services and promotions strategies. This is one of the initiatives implemented in response to the newly released Economic Priorities for the State under the theme: South Australia. The Place Where People and Business Thrive.

Topics discussed during the event included business migration policy update, how Immigration SA and agent community can work together to attract foreign direct investment that connects South Australian local businesses with overseas markets, capital and know-how.

Around 20 migration agents participated in a round table discussion. Topics included the challenges and barriers business migration agents face and issues business migrants have in South Australia.

This event also featured  celebrations of the local migration agent club’s second anniversary .

The Immigration SA team will continue to work closely with internal and external stakeholders, especially the onshore migration agent community, to improve our service and equip agents to promote South Australian migration programs in offshore market.