18 May 2016

Immigration SA welcomes Specialist Migrant Services

Specialist Migrant Services (SMS) have joined Immigration South Australia this week.

SMS provides employment support and overseas qualification assessment services to newly arrived skilled migrants.

The South Australian Government, through Immigration SA, is committed to supporting skilled workers who bring valuable knowledge, skills and experience to the state.

Services provided by SMS include: employment seminars, individualised job search support, overseas qualification assessments and assistance with trade recognition pathways.

While skilled migrants are job seeking in their new home in South Australia, SMS can help them have their overseas qualifications assessed and provide them support to find skilled work in South Australia.

SMS can also assist employers who are experiencing difficulties in filling skilled vacancies to skills match and find suitable job ready candidates registered with the Service.

View the successful journey of one of our skilled migrant’s supported by SMS


Contact details for Specialist Migrant Services:

Phone: (08) 8303 2450

Email: sms@sa.gov.au

Register for services online Website: www.migration.sa.gov.au/sms