In order to enter into a DAMA Labour Agreement with the Australian Government, South Australian employers are required to be endorsed by the Designated Area Representative (DAR) this is the South Australian Department of Innovation and Skills - Immigration SA.

Who can access the South Australian DAMA?

Businesses which are actively operating in South Australia and:
  • Are financially viable and have been actively and lawfully operating for at least 12 months
  • Have no adverse history of not meeting their obligations to employees
  • Are looking to employ overseas workers to fill full-time positions with duties that align with occupations on the Agreements occupation lists
  • Can validate they cannot fill the position locally with Australian citizens or permanent residents
  • Can provide conditions of employment to overseas workers that are in accordance with those offered to Australian workers employed in the region.

Labour Hire companies are excluded from accessing endorsement under the SA DAMA.

Key Elements

The South Australian DAMA:
  • Provides a framework for local employers experiencing skills and labour shortages to sponsor overseas workers in skilled and semi-skilled positions
  • Concessions such as English language, salary, occupations not included in the standard skilled occupation lists and age to facilitate pathways to permanent residency are available 
  • Employers will need to be endorsed by the DAR in order to enter into a DAMA Labour Agreement with the Australian Government
  • Employers will need to meet a range of risk and integrity requirements to ensure that the rights of the worker and employer are protected
  • Uses the employer-sponsored visa program, labour agreement stream of the Temporary Skills Shortage visa (subclass 482)
  • Individual workers cannot apply for a visa independently.

South Australian employers will be required to complete an application form and a declaration detailing the following criteria have been fulfilled: 

  1. DAMA agreement selected and request the number of positions they need to fill in one year, detailing the occupation(s) and concession(s) they seek
  2. Declare they are based in South Australia and are lawfully operating that business for more than 12 months and are financially viable
  3. Demonstrate the position(s) they seek to fill is genuine and there is a genuine vacancy
  4. Show they cannot fill the position locally with Australians citizens or permanent residents
  5. Show employment terms and conditions are in accordance with those offered to Australian workers employed in the region
  6. Provide detail on any recent changes to workforce composition in the last 6 months
  7. Show that requested occupations and concessions are reasonable with regard to current labour market conditions in the region
  8. Declare there is no adverse information about the employer
  9. Confirm that concessions will not undermine Overseas Worker’s ability to support themselves or lead to exploitation
  10. Provide signed declaration.
Before you apply, please ensure you read the DAMA application terms and conditions and DAMA application assessment criteria

How to Apply

Applications for endorsement must be submitted electronically on the Immigration SA Apply website.

If you do not have an account, you will need to log onto Immigration SA Apply website and create an account.

  1. Choose registration type from the drop down menu: South Australian Employer
  2. Complete your contact details on the 'Register here' section then click on the 'register now' button.

If you are already registered as a South Australian Employer, login to your account and select to apply for Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) - 482.

Getting help

Immigration SA can provide information and guidance to assist you with the Request for Endorsement Application process. Following endorsement we will provide you with information guides on how to apply for the DAMA Labour Agreement process. 

Employers or nominees who need assistance with whole or part of the migration application process, including the Labour Agreement, nomination and/or visa application should consider engaging a registered migration agent.

If you decide you want professional help, use an agent registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA). 

The following diagram outlines the end-to-end process and parties responsible for each process stage.
  1. Employer applies for DAR endorsement via the Immigration SA Apply website
  2. DAR undertakes assessment for endorsement
  3. DAR issues a Letter of Endorsement to the employer and notifies Department of Home Affairs
  4. Employer requests DAMA Labour Agreement with the Department of Home Affairs 
  5. Department of Home Affairs assesses Labour Agreement application and notifies employer of outcome
  6. Employer proceeds to lodge nomination and visa application with Department of Home Affairs.      
There are no fees and charges applicable for the following:
  • Endorsement by the DAR to access South Australia’s DAMAs
  • Entering into a labour agreement with the Australian Government
Please note that there will be fees and charges applicable for:
  • Nomination application - Australian Government
  • Skilling Australians Fund (SAF) levy - Australian Government
  • Worker visa application - Australian Government
  • Fees associated with professional services and evidence gathering.

More information

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