Country areas are experiencing steady economic growth and work opportunities.

Country South Australia generates much of the State’s wealth, contributing more than $20 billion towards the economy and producing more than 50 percent of South Australia’s overseas exports.

With high quality infrastructure, health and education systems, South Australia’s dynamic regions provide opportunity, embrace diversity, value lifestyle and offer real affordability.  They produce food and drink, grow and fish our seafood, mine for riches and produce products that sell to the world.

The people that run country businesses support the fabric and economy of their local community.  You can start a new business or buy an existing business.

More information: A guide to running a business in South Australia

Visit the Find Out More section below for contact details of Regional Development Australia regional offices for information on business opportunities in country South Australia.

Country areas can find it harder to recruit skilled workers.  Regional jobs are not always advertised through newspapers and online job vacancy websites.  If you are Interested In working in country South Australia look at regional job agencies and career development centers.

Examples of regional jobs include:

Health services:

Nurses, doctors, Aboriginal health workers, ambulance officers, medical specialists, dental workers, child care, aged care, disabled care, child minders, mental health workers. 

More information on health careers in country South Australia.

Business services:

Accountants, lawyers, managers, ICT specialists, financial managers, graphic designers, industrial designers, human resources, marketers, business administration, clerical work.

Government and administration:

Managers, police, community workers, environmental officers, project managers, teachers, educational workers, scientists, business administration, security, correctional, transport, interpreters.

More information on local government careers in country South Australia.

Construction services:

Engineers, civil workers, architects, surveyors, building technicians, electricians, cabinet makers, drafters, carpenters, builders, bricklayers, plumbers, tilers, earth movers, landscapers.

Organisations to talk to:

  • Local community organisations, e.g. Rotary, Lions Club, business organisations
  • Local Chambers of Commerce
  • Regional Development Australia

Business and community development services for regional South Australia are provided by Regional Development Australia, a joint Commonwealth, South Australian and Local Government initiative. For more information on the opportunities in regional South Australia download our Living Regional factsheet with contact details.