South Australia has experienced more than two decades of uninterrupted economic growth and $100 billion of major developments are underway in a range of sectors across the state, fuelling future growth.

A strong economy and the best business location

We have strong and deepening ties to the fast growing Chinese and Indian economies encapsulated in a formal Engagement Strategy with each nation, as well as a South East Asia Engagement Strategy in the final stages of development.

South Australia continues to foster a robust, resilient, knowledge-based economy and boasts a renowned research and development capacity.

We have a world-class education system supported by excellent schools and three major teaching universities and the international campuses of three others.

Ranked as a world-leading minerals and energy asset holder – South Australia is the nation’s top destination for resource investment.

We are also a leading agriculture region, producing quality food and wine for global export markets.

Home to a strong manufacturing base, including automotive, submarines, warships and high-value advanced manufacturing, South Australia is Australia’s undisputed Defence State - the high technology centre of the nation’s defence effort.

South Australia is well placed to welcome new migrants with its commitment to building a resilient, diverse and productive economy based on a highly skilled and innovative workforce across a wide variety of industry sectors.

The Government of South Australia is committed to making the state the best place to do business, promoting South Australia’s international connections and engagement, and ensuring South Australia’s small businesses have access to capital and global markets.

Demand exists here for skilled workers to fill emerging vacancies in diverse industry sectors within the state’s growing economy, and for people looking to invest in a confident business climate.