If you are an entrepreneur applying for the Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA) pilot, your business concept will be assessed by your chosen eco-system service provider as part of the South Australian Government endorsement application process.

Applications for endorsement by the South Australian Government for Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA), will require the choice of one of two assessment options: 

  1. South Australian innovation eco-system service providers; or 
  2. The Office of the Chief Entrepreneur.

To be considered for South Australian Government endorsement via the option 1 priority processing pathway, you will need to be assessed by one of South Australia’s innovation eco-system providers.

Selecting a provider for assessment
We strongly recommend that you undertake thorough research to decide which of these providers is the right provider for you to progress your innovative idea in South Australia. You will have more chances of success if your innovative idea is supported by one of these providers. It is recommended that you:

  1. Read very carefully each of the provider’s descriptions of their services, and, if need be, contact them to understand their programs, their requirements, the areas/industries/sectors each provider is focused on, their model and their expectations of the participants in their programs.
  2. Seek initial feedback on your business idea from the provider you have identified, by sending an initial email enquiry to discuss the business concept/idea/proposal that you are seeking support for, before selecting that provider as your supporting agency and submitting a formal application through the Skilled & Business Migration portal.

If you do not do this, there is a risk that the provider will not be able to support your formal application when received.

PLEASE NOTE: You are still required to apply formally through Skilled & Business Migration after receiving the initial support of one of the providers in order for your application to be assessed.

South Australian Innovation Eco-system Providers

The Innovation & Collaboration Centre is a strategic partnership between the University of South Australia, the South Australian Government and DXC technology. The Centre supports early stage startup businesses from idea generation, startup and scaleup. Their program, Venture Catalyst Space, is a six-month incubator to develop and grow innovative or disruptive ideas from entrepreneurs and startups in the space sector. If you are building a company using space technologies or creating tech, services or products for the space industry they are keen to hear from you. Send the ICC an email enquiry here to request an info pack about the Venture Catalyst Space program.

You can send an email enquiry iccadmin@unisa.edu.au to the Innovation & Collaboration Centre to request an info pack about the Venture Catalyst Space program via their website.


The Moonshine Lab is a tech startup co-founder that is looking to help entrepreneurs launch their ideas. Moonshine Labs recognises that every entrepreneur is different and will be at different stages in their start-up journey and can assist accordingly. Send The Moonshine Laboratory an email enquiry here.

You can send an email enquiry to The Moonshine Laboratory via their website.

The New Venture Institute (NVI) is the home of innovation and entrepreneurship at Flinders University. It inspires, educates and connects innovators, startups and established businesses with opportunities for growth. It is the front door for business engagement with all the University has to offer. For initial feedback on your business idea, send NVI an email enquiry here.

You can send an email enquiry to the New Venture Institute via their website.


ThincLab is the University of Adelaide’s startup incubator with headquarters in South Australia and a global network of sister-sites. ThincLab supports entrepreneurs and founders from any industry sector with mentoring, training programs, workspace, prototyping facilities and access to investors. 

Send an email enquiry(mailt to: thinclab@adelaide.edu.au to ThincLab.