This is a state-nominated permanent residence visa (subclass 892) for business owners already holding a South Australian state-sponsored:

  • Business Owner provisional subclass 163 visa
  • Senior Executive provisional subclass 164 visa
  • Investor provisional subclass 165 visa.

The subclass 892 visa is valid for five years with future options for additional permanent residency or citizenship. To be eligible to apply for the subclass 892 applicants must hold a valid South Australian state nominated subclass 163, 164 or 165 visa.

Application requirements

In addition to meeting the visa criteria of the Department of Home Affairs, applicants must have fulfilled the South Australian State Government sponsorship requirements.

You must show evidence you have:

  • Lived in South Australia as your primary residence for the last two years.
  • Conducted business in South Australia for the last two years and met one of the following  three requirements:
    • Employed one full-time equivalent person for at least 12 months immediately prior to lodging your application. The person must be either; an Australian; a New Zealand national or a permanent resident.
    • Exported South Australian produced goods or services.
    • Invested a minimum AUD$500,000 into the business. Property developers or applicants aged over 55 at 163, 164 or 165 have higher requirements.

Before you apply

You must have the following documents and information to support your state sponsorship application before you apply,  

  • Scanned copies of the main applicant’s photo pages of your passport (in pdf format)
  • Evidence of residency in South Australia for the past two years
  • Registered business name certificate and Australian Business register certificate for each business
  • Evidence of business ownership, such as ASIC reports, trust deeds, company structure, partnership documents etc
  • Previous eight Business Activity Statements
  • Evidence of economic benefit to South Australia, eg exports, innovation, new technology, employment
  • Evidence of major assets and liabilities
  • Completed immigration form 949.

How to apply

  1. Check the Department of Home Affairs visa conditions to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  2. Ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for state nomination in South Australia and read the State application terms and conditions.
  3. Submit an online application for state nomination to South Australia.
  4. If you are approved for state sponsorship, you will receive a State Government signed copy of the Form 949. You will need to include this in your visa application to Department of Home Affairs to be eligible to apply for the 892 visa. This visa application must be received by the correct Department of Home Affairs office, before your provisional 163/164/165 visa expires.

More info

Immigration SA may ask for further evidence which may relate to Department of Home Affairs visa criteria for reporting purposes or the assessment itself and may also affect the sponsorship decision.

Sponsorship from the South Australian Government is not transferable to other states or territories in Australia.