What is a Local Organisation?

A Local Organisation is a member based organisation with business facilitation objectives to assist Significant Investor Visa (“SIV”) holders to make South Australian based business connections.

How does a Local Organisation membership work?

Upon the 188 visa being granted, the SIV holder could choose the option of being a member of their preferred Local Organisation(s).

SIV holders choosing this option need to become a member of a Local Organisation within 12 months of the grant of the 188 Visa and maintain membership for three years during the four year 188 visa validity period. 
Over the total four year period of the 188 Visa, they would need to attend a total of six events, meetings, conferences, or other functions hosted or arranged by the Local Organisation. If they joined at the end of the first year of the visa grant, this would equate to an average of two events per year. 
The SIV holder is able to join multiple Local Organisations to satisfy the objective of attending those six events.
The Local Organisation would need to provide certificates of attendance, for these events to the SIV holder to consequently be produced as evidence at the time of application for the 888 visa nomination by the South Australian Government (at the end of the four year period).
The Local Organisation would also need to provide evidence of the SIV holder’s membership.

Approved Local Organisations

Information for migrants wanting to join a Local Organisation

Potential Benefit for the SIV holder

  • Access to a broad South Australian business network.
  • Better understanding of South Australia’s context and business opportunities.

SIV holder requirement

  • To become an individual member of a Local Organisation within 12 months of 188 visa grant.
  • Attend a minimum of six events over the period of the 188 visa.
  • Provide evidence of this attendance to Immigration SA upon application for the 888 visa nomination.
  • Provide evidence of membership with one or more Local Organisations for three years, upon application for the 888 visa nomination.
  • Notify Immigration SA of business opportunities which have emerged through the Local Organisation network, during the validity of the 188 visa.

Information for Local Organisations seeking status

Potential Benefits for the Local Organisation

  • Facilitated access to high net worth migrants who are potential investors in South Australia.
  • Increased international business linkages.
  • A link to the Local Organisation website from the Immigration SA website.

Local Organisation requirements

In order to participate in this program, the Local Organisation would agree to:

  • Automatic membership for SIVs.
  • A streamlined membership application process guaranteed in 14 business days or less.
  • Charge the SIVs the standard individual membership rate.
  • Ensure a minimum of six membership events are held during the SIV holders188 visa validity period.
  • Issue certificates of attendance to SIVs for events.
  • Issue a record of membership to the SIV.
  • Provide sufficient notice of upcoming events to SIVs (recognising some of them will be residing offshore or interstate for some periods of the four year 188 visa validity).
  • Invite SA Government representatives to attend events with SIVs.
  • To notify Immigration SA of any business opportunities which have emerged through the linkage to the SIV.

How to apply for Local Organisational Status

Expressions of interest are sought from potential Local Organisations only.

To apply, please complete the Local Organisation application form

Queries should be directed to:Business Migration Program Manager bmu.sa@sa.gov.au


Application Criteria for Local Organisation Status



Evidence of a minimum of 50 active organisation members.

To ensure a business network of sufficient depth.

Demonstrated commitment to South Australia.

To ensure the SIV is working with a Local Organisation that shares the SA Government’s commitment to State Economic Development.

A demonstrated ability to hold networking events.

To ensure the SIV has access to a sufficient number of events to meet their obligations under this scheme.

A South Australian based representative.

To ensure the organisation is based in South Australia.

An active website.

To deliver a consistent referral process to the organisation.


Important Information:

Immigration SA reserves the right to:

  • remove Local Organisations from the  list at any time; and/or,
  • abolish the Local Organisation list and/or requirement from its criteria for State nomination at any time. 
Immigration SA makes no representations, express or implied as to the business integrity or capability of any Local Organisation listed on this website. 
Any business dealing or investments made as a result of dealing with Local Organisation SIV program is at the sole risk of the participants. The State of South Australia its agents, officers and employees accept no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage resulting from any business dealings or investment made as a result of any dealings with or resulting from participating in the Local Organisation SIV program. Immigration SA strongly recommends that any party considering entering into business arrangements or investment obtain their own independent professional legal and financial advice before investing or undertaking any business activities.