Immigration SA

Immigration SA is the state government agency responsible for South Australian state nomination, Regional Certifying Body advice and endorsement for applicants wishing to apply for the Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA) - Temporary Activity visa. To qualify, you must meet the requirements set by the Government of South Australia as outlined on this website.

Immigration SA is also responsible for the provision of post arrival services.  This includes employment support and skills recognition services. 

You should also read the privacy policy and disclaimer statement for this website.

Department of Home Affairs

If your application for nomination is successful, you must also meet all visa criteria set by the Department of Home Affairs and obtain a visa before you can migrate to South Australia. Please see the Department of Home Affairs website to assess your eligibility for the relevant visa before you seek state nomination, employer nomination or endorsement.

Visa decisions are the responsibility of the Department of Home Affairs and therefore Immigration SA does not guarantee that your visa application to migrate to Australia will be successful.

Nomination Application fees

Immigration SA charges a non-refundable nomination/endoresement application service fee for skilled, business and Supporting Innovation in South Australia applicants. The fee must be paid after submitting your application by selecting the ‘submit’ button. The fee is charged on each application. A 0.5% surcharge is also payable to cover the cost of accepting the payment of the service fee.

The fee and surcharge is payable online with a credit card at the time of lodging an application. The application will not be processed by Immigration SA until the payment is confirmed.

The fee and surcharge must be paid within 7 days from the date the application being submitted by selecting the ‘submit’ button.  If no payment is received after 7 days, the application will be automatically deleted.  

The fee and surcharge are charged in Australian dollars (AUD). The amount payable in a foreign currency is dependent on the exchange rate at the time of payment. The payment methods accepted are by VISA or MasterCard. Before you submit your application, you may choose to notify your bank of an upcoming foreign credit card transaction if applicable.

The fee is an administration charge only and does not guarantee the approval of your application for nomination/endorsement.

Fees will not be refunded for any reason including if your personal circumstances change, if you change your mind and do not wish to continue with your application for nomination/endorsement or for an Australian visa or if your application for endorsement for the SISA entrepreneur visa or state nomination or a visa is not approved.

Application fees are subject to change. The fee payable is charged by reference to the date your application fee is paid. You will need to pay the fee that is published on this site at the time of payment. 

Fees applicable for nomination with Immigration South Australia

Application processing

It is your responsibility to read these application terms and conditions, relevant application requirements and the related document checklist before applying and preparing your documents.

Immigration SA will make every effort to process your application efficiently. Unless instructed by you in writing, you will be contacted directly regarding the outcome of the assessment. However, if instructed in writing by you, your Migration Agent/authorised recipient, will be contacted to advise the outcome.

The published processing timeframes for assessment are to be used as a guide only. While Immigration SA will endeavor to process your application as efficiently as possible there may be circumstances where this timeframe is not able to be met.

Please note that enquiries to check the status of applications are not answered if they fall within the published processing timeframes. 
Applications are assessed in application submission date order.
Immigration SA does not offer priority processing of applications. However, applicants/agents may contact Immigration SA via the online enquiry system in the following circumstances:
  1. You are currently in South Australia and your current visa is due to expire.
  2. You are currently in South Australia and your supporting documents are due to expire.
  3. You are about to turn 45 years of age and will no longer qualify for 190/489 state nomination or South Australian Government endorsement for the Supporting Innovation in South Australia (SISA) Temporary Activity visa 408.
  4. You will be losing EOI points due to age and will no longer meet the 65-point pass mark (this only applies to 489 nomination applications).

Note: in the case of the SISA - Temporary Activity visa, you will not be eligible to be considered if 45 years of age or older at the time of the visa application.

Applicants/agents will need to provide at least 7 business days' notice in these circumstances and Immigration SA does not guarantee faster processing (these applications will be flagged for consideration for faster processing). 

Application Submission

You must be a registered user of the website to submit an application.

All applications are submitted via the secure online application system at

Applications must be submitted within 30 days from the created date. If an application has not been submitted after 30 days from the creation, it will be automatically deleted. The application can be saved to be progressed anytime within the 30-day period. If saved applications need to be deleted for operational requirements, Immigration SA will advise users (where possible in advance) via email.

Occupation availability for nomination applications are confirmed at the time an application for skilled migrants (489/190) is submitted, not at the time the application is created.

Nomination availability for business applications (132/188) are confirmed at the time of application creation.  

In the case of the SISA – Temporary Activity visa, while there are two pathways – support from one of the identified South Australian Innovation eco-system (SISA) service providers and a direct pathway – preference and priority will be given to applications supported by one of the identified SISA service providers.  If you seek support from one of the identified SISA service providers, you must meet all of the following: the Department of Home Affairs’ mandated criteria, the South Australian Government requirements, and the requirements determined by the identified SISA service provider you have chosen to support your application.  If you choose the direct pathway, you risk the possibility of delays in your application being assessed, as there will be a need to form a panel to do the assessment of yours and other applications that are received through the direct pathway.

After submitting your application by selecting the ‘submit’ button, your application will be locked and you will not be able to make any further changes to your application.

Changes may only be made to the application before selecting the ‘submit’ button. Requests to ‘unlock’ a submitted application will be refused.

Immigration SA reserves the right to change the duration of the saved and submit hold timeframe. Any changes to these dates will be updated in the terms and conditions.  

You will be notified by Immigration SA on any status change of your application via your Immigration SA Apply website page.

Documentation in English

All information in your application and supporting documents must be provided in English or have an English translation or the application will not be processed.

Documents for Overseas Qualification Recognition that are not in English must be accompanied with an English translation from an approved translator.

Document attachments

All supporting documentation for the application must be uploaded within the on-line application form. Your supporting documentation must be colour scanned copies of the original documents.

Qualification documents for overseas qualification assessment must be certified (this is not relevant for SISA entrepreneur visa and state nomination applications, it just relates to overseas qualification assessments).

Documents provided in any other form, unless expressly requested by Immigration SA, will not be accepted. 

Incomplete applications will not be processed. You may not submit additional documents at a later time without submitting a new application and paying an additional fee.

Irrelevant documentation (information not requested as part of the application) will not be considered. Additional documentation is not required and may be deleted. Non-essential documents may delay processing.

Validity of documentation

All documentation provided in support of an application for nomination must be valid at the time of submission AND at the time of the nomination or endorsement decision. If supporting documentation expires before the application is determined, your application may be refused.

False information

The provision of false information in support of any application to Immigration SA may not only result in the application being refused but is also a serious criminal offence under laws of this State and the Commonwealth. Such conduct may be prosecuted. If false information is provided in support of your nomination application, Immigration SA will also advise the Department of Home Affairs. This may result in a decision to refuse or cancel your visa.

In the event where false information has been provided and State nomination is refused or revoked, you will not be eligible for South Australian State nomination in the future.  Any subsequent applications will be refused.

Email/client tracking system

You can monitor the progress of the application via the Immigration SA Apply website once the application has been submitted.

All notifications from Immigration SA will be sent via email with advice on any further action required. It is your responsibility to ensure that Immigration SA has your correct email address. Email notifications sent are deemed to have been received the same day whether you have read them or not.


Migration agent/exempt person

Immigration SA must be satisfied that the primary applicant has been made aware of the requirements and associated obligations, even if the application has been lodged on his/her behalf by an agent. A migration agent submitting an on-line application on behalf of an applicant may be required to complete and submit the form 956 ‘Advice by a Migration Agent /exempt person of providing immigration assistance’.

It is important that a migration agent provides the applicant’s contact email address as part of the application process. A migration agent email address will not be accepted as a contact email address for the applicant. Failure to provide the applicant's contact email address will result in the application being refused and the application fee will not be refunded.

Immigration SA may provide correspondence to the primary applicant in addition to the authorised recipient. Immigration SA reserves the right to contact the primary applicant directly.

Nomination requirements

The Supporting Innovation in South Australia entrepreneur visa, General Skilled Migration, Employer Sponsored and Business Migration programs have different processes and requirements with which an applicant must comply.

Please refer to the Immigration SA website for details of:

  • processing requirements
  • nomination validity periods
  • nomination requirements and post arrival registration requirements for your particular nomination or endorsement.

South Australian state nomination, employer nomination and endorsement for the SISA - Temporary Activity visa are not transferable to other Australian states or territories.  If you have been nominated,  or hold a visa which was nominated by another Australian state or territory, a letter of release is required from the relevant jurisdiction at the time of application submission.  Without the letter of release, your application will be refused. 

Immigration SA reserves the right to change its nomination requirements. Any changes will be published on our website.

Nomination/endorsement expiry

The offer of SA nomination or endorsement is valid for sixty (60) days from the date of approval. 

If your visa application is not submitted to the Department of Home Affairs within that time, the offer of SA nomination or endorsement will expire.

If you have already received a nomination or endorsement, Immigration SA will refuse a second nomination or endorsement application. Nominations and endorsements are limited to one nomination or endorsement per person.

Immigration SA reserves the right to amend its policy and accept applications for a second endorsement or nomination (either for the same visa product or a different visa product). This will be subject to nomination or endorsement availability. You would then have to reapply for SA nomination and meet the nomination or endorsement requirements current at that time. 

Nomination withdrawal request

You may request that your application be withdrawn. However, the application fee will not be refunded. 

Nomination refusals

Failure to meet the requirements for state nomination or endorsement will result in a refusal of your application for nomination or endorsement by Immigration SA. If your nomination or endorsement application is refused you can lodge a new application. All applications including resubmitted applications will incur a fee.

Inadequate documentation, not meeting state nomination or endorsement requirements, not meeting Federal immigration criteria, incomplete information, typing errors or inadvertent omission of information and documents, your past or present conduct which shows you are not of good character are all grounds for refusal.

Migration agents are reminded that failure to provide all required details, including an applicant's contact details, will result in an application being refused and the application fee not being refunded.

If you have already received a nomination or endorsement, Immigration SA reserves the right to refuse a second application for nomination or endorsement.

Review of decision

General Skilled Migration and Business migration applications only:

Immigration SA may review your application if you can demonstrate that an administrative error has been made. Immigration SA will not review your application because you have failed to provide adequate documentation, not met state nomination or endorsement requirements, provided unclear information, or made errors in or omissions from your application or supporting documents.

If you can demonstrate an administrative error, you may request a review via email to Immigration SA and provide details regarding the grounds for your review request within 14 calendar days of the refusal notification.

Immigration SA will not, under any circumstances, appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal against a decision by the Department of Home Affairs declining to grant a visa to any applicants nominated by Immigration SA.

Business migrants

It is recommended that you seek your own professional legal and financial advice before investing.

Immigration SA and its employees will not take any role in your investment decisions and cannot guarantee any return on your complying investments. Immigration SA does not endorse 3rd party investment or business opportunities.

Like any other investment activities, investing in complying investments can involve risk.



By completing and submitting an application and request for any services, you give permission to Immigration SA to :

  • contact you for legitimate reasons (i.e. notification of events, surveys, seminars, etc)
  • provide your details to third-party consultants and other government bodies working with / on behalf of Immigration SA who wish to contact you for legitimate reasons (i.e. notification of events, surveys, seminars etc)
  • share your particulars and relevant information about your application to other federal and state government bodies including the Department of Home Affairs, and the Department for Industry, Innovation and Science, in the case of the SISA entrepreneur visa
  • communicate your visa outcome to the relevant service provider/panel who assessed your nomination application for the SISA entrepreneur visa
  • contact third parties for the purposes of verifying the information contained in this application
  • check your details in the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system.