About Immigration SA


Immigration SA is a business unit within the South Australian Government Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy.  It is the State Government unit in South Australia that is responsible for the State's participation in the skilled migration program and provides nominations under the State-nominated visa programs to eligible candidates.


The South Australian Government works within the frameworks of the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), who have the legislated mandate to grant visas to overseas nationals wishing to migrate to Australia.  The migration program is determined at federal level and South Australia participates in all the programs available to State and Territory Governments to facilitate immigration into their jurisdiction.


Immigration SA provides information and promotional activities aimed at attracting eligible skilled migrants.  It includes the maintenance of this website and various engagement activities with potential and actual migrants and stakeholders.

The activities of Immigration SA are guided by the Migration Regulations 1994 under the Migration Act 1958 and South Australian Government policies. Details on the requirements for state nominations for skilled and business migrants and advice of employer nominations are outlined via this website.


Immigration SA provides:

  • nomination of skilled migrants to meet critical skills shortages in the local labour market;

  • nomination of migrants with a proven record of business expertise and entrepreneurship who can inject significant new money to the South Australian economy and create new jobs, and;

  • advice to DIBP on positions for South Australian employers seeking skilled labour from overseas when these positions cannot be filled from the current local labour pool.


Immigration SA attracts skilled migrants to South Australia by:

  • Participation in all State Specific Regional Migration Initiatives

  • Promotion of South Australia internationally as the destination of choice within Australia for skilled migrants

  • Advocacy at a National level through participation in Federal and State/Territory committees.


State Specific and Regional Migration (SSRM) initiatives

The Australian Government, in consultation with State and Territory Governments and regional development authorities introduced a range of State Specific and Regional Migration (SSRM) initiatives designed to help State and Territory Governments to:

  • address skill shortages that may exist in their jurisdiction

  • attract overseas business people to establish new or joint ventures in their regions

  • encourage a more balanced settlement of Australia's skilled migrant intake.


These initiatives include flexible criteria which recognise the special circumstances of rural and regional areas. They aim to attract young, skilled, English speaking migrants to areas of Australia where they are most needed. They receive priority processing and rely on nominations by regional employers, state and territory governments or family members. This enables state and territory governments and regional employers to influence the number and profile of skilled migrants settling in their areas in line with their skill needs and development objectives.


Each of the State and Territory Governments participate in the SSRM via different mechanisms. The South Australian Government through Immigration SA participates in all the available SSRM initiatives.


Research into population distribution in Australia shows three major factors in determining where migrants settle:

  • the location of family members

  • the availability of employment

  • business opportunities. 


The SSRM can be broadly split into three program areas:

  • State nominated general skilled migration program

  • Business innovation and investment program

  • Employer sponsored (regional Sponsored Migration Scheme)

Please note that Immigration SA is not involved in the assessing or granting of visas.  The responsibility for setting migration criteria, assessing and granting of visas rests with DIBP. Visa applications under State Sponsorships are given priority processing by DIBP.



The South Australian Government is very active in boosting skilled and business migration to the state. 

Through participation in the State Specific Regional Migration Schemes, the State Government assists employers with access to a skilled workforce and facilitate investment to build industry capability and support the expansion of resources and related service industries.

The immigration programs contribute directly to meeting employer’s skills needs via nomination by the South Australian Government of skilled migrants and ‘advice’ by the Regional Certifying Body about employer applications to sponsor skilled migrants.

Overseas migrants enhance the range of labour skills available within SA and will be crucial to realising the benefits of major projects across the state.

The Business Skills Migration program enables eligible business migrants to undertake investments in South Australia to enable objectives in job creation, business investment, enhanced industry capability and export dollars.


These programs combined are a significant driver to achieving the State's population growth target, South Australia Strategic Plan targets, and align with the State's population policy.


Website objectives:

  1. general promotion: raise awareness of South Australia as a migration destination

  2. targeted attraction: attract migrants with skills (including business skills) which are eligible for State sponsorship and enable potential migrants to lodge applications

  3. provide information to South Australian employers on skilled migration options and provide advice to DIAC about nominations lodged with the Regional Certifying Body by employers.



Immigration SA is the only Regional Certifying Body (RCB) for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) in South Australia.