Immigration South Australia

South Australia has a range of free essential services to help State nominated migrants seeking to work in their area of skill once they arrive in our State.

Skilled Arrival Services

State nominated skilled migrants are highly qualified and are expected to compete for work with other potential candidates.

Skilled Arrival Services are designed to help State nominated migrants, including their skilled partners, in job seeking success by providing the strategies needed to compete more effectively in the South Australian job market.

Skilled Arrival Services includes

  • New Arrival Information Session 
  • Enquiry, information and referral services
  • Job Essentials for Migrants workshop
  • Ideal Job Interviews workshop
  • Skilled arrival group sessions
  • Spotlight job seminars

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To contact this service call +61 (8) 8303 2450 or email


Resources & Downloads

Work rights of provisional visa holders - A letter to employers
Download PDF | 94KB
Searching and preparing for a job
Watch Video | 1.25mins