Immigration South Australia

Assistance and support to newly arrived skilled migrants seeking to work in their area of skill.

Your responsibility

When offered State nomination you agreed to commit to live and work in South Australia for two years from grant of visa. 

Our commitment to you

We have devised a program consisting of information, resource guides, and a series of workshops and seminars that will increase your opportunities for success.

We highly recommend all State nominated migrants including skilled partners access our program within three months of arrival. 

What you need to do

1. PREPARE - You have received your skilled visa
Prepare yourself to move (if offshore or not in SA)

Get more information about our settlement partners

​2. GATHER - Start your job search before you leave home

Gather as much information about your occupation, industry and job market - checklist of ‘to-do’ and ‘need to know’

Read the Job Essentials for Migrants Information Pack

3. CHECK IN - now that you have arrived in South Australia

4. MAKE A START - Start looking for work

Job seeking for new arrivals can be challenging. We have developed a service, which offers skilled arrivals orientation to job search in South Australia.

Immigration SA offers help to mid-career highly qualified skilled arrivals to effectively compete in the South Australian job market.

Services include:

  • short practical workshops,
  • group coaching,
  • spotlight sessions targeting on-trend topics,
  • access to information, resources and referrals, and
  • skills recognition pathways, including recognition of your overseas qualifications for employment purposes.

Use the Job Essentials for Migrants Information Pack to ​assist with your job search.

5. PARTICIPATE - Attend our FREE practical workshops

Job Essentials for Migrants Workshop

Optimise your job search by developing strategies that work well in the South Australian job market. In this Workshop, you will be assisted to customise an action plan that relates to your profession or trade. Workshops are held every two weeks.

When you register, you will be contacted by our office to book into the next available workshop.

Completing this workshop is a pre-requisite for accessing other workshops.

Ideal Job Interviews Workshop

Learn how to elevate your interview performance, understand what local employers look for in interviews and practice some of the key questions you may be asked.

This workshop builds on from the Job Essential for Migrants Workshop.

Group Sessions

If you require further assistance you can book into a Group Session whereby you can interact with other skilled migrants to build and share your job search knowledge, techniques, practices, networks and connections.

Recognition of Overseas Qualifications

If you have an overseas gained qualification, getting it recognised in Australia can improve your employment prospects. Want to know how to obtain an assessment of your overseas qualifications? Find out more here.

Next Steps

Check your eligibility

To be eligible for Skilled Arrival Services you MUST live or work in South Australia and:

  • have full work rights in Australia and
  • have been living in South Australia for less than two years or have been granted a state nominated visa in the last two years, and
  • be unemployed, underemployed or not working in your area of skill, and
  • have recent employment history in skilled work.

Register now

Contact Skilled Arrival Services

phone: +61 (8) 8303 2450